Parade Rules

1. PARADE ENTRIES are subject to approval of the Board of Directors. The Board, or its designated Parade Coordinator, may in their discretion reject any entry which it deems incompatible with the theme of our Fourth of July Parade or is unsafe.

2. HORSES AND ANIMALS are not allowed in the Parade unless proof of liability insurance in an acceptable amount is provided to the Board or its designated Parade Coordinator two days prior to the time the Parade starts.

3. VEHICLES and their operators must all be licensed and have liability insurance that complies with Idaho law. Upon request, any entrant or driver shall provide proof of insurance and their valid driver’s license.

4. LITERATURE, HANDOUTS & DEBRIS shall not be distributed by Parade entries. Unfortunately, Parade volunteers have to pick up this material, as private property owners and the City looks to us as the responsible party. By signing the parade entry form, you and your organization agree to pay $20 per hour to the Corporation for each hour a person spends picking up any literature attributed to your entry.

5. CANDY cannot be thrown from entries at the request of Boise Police. You can walk along the parade route with your entry and hand out candy.

6. NO SMOKING is permitted in the staging area.

7. FOLLOW all instructions from parade officials.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: noncompliance will lead to the assessment of penalties, which could include fees or being banned from future parades.

Float Safety Checklist

Vehicle-Hauled Trailer Float
A. The Visibility of the driver should not be obstructed so that they can see the front and both sides of the float. A spotter can be used to keep the driver aware of any danger or changes to or on the float.

B. A fire extinguisher should be available in the vehicle and on the float.

C. The float must be securely attached to the towing vehicle. This can be by a standard hitch and ball or by a pintle hook and eye configuration.
1. The hitch and ball must be secure and in good condition. Homemade hitches must be sturdy enough to handle the load and certified by the fabricator.
2. Pintle hook and eye hitches must have locking pins in the hook to assure it is not opening while in use. Each part must be secure and in good repair.
3. Safety chains or cables must be used.
4. Electrical hook-ups, if used, should be checked for continuity, grounding, and condition of the cables.

D. No flammables can be stored in the float, nor can there be any open flames.

E. All rotating and/or spinning parts need to be guarded.

F. The float cannot have any sharp and/or pointed, protruding parts.

G. Riders must be provided secure seating or leaning devices for those standing.

H. Trailer tires should be in good condition and properly inflated to carry the load.

I. Electrical services to or on the float need to be checked for grounding and damage to the wiring. Suggested items to check would include, but not be limited to, lights, action equipment, audio equipment, speakers, etc..

J. The vehicle exhaust should exit out the side and not to the back, where it could affect riders.

K. Nothing can be thrown or dispensed from the float. This includes, but is not limited to, candy, toys, favors, balloons, etc.

L. Float must not exceed 14 feet in height, 20 feet in width, and 60 feet in length.

Self-Propelled Floats
A. All applicable parts for the trailer floats need to be checked for the self-propelled floats.

B. Visibility must be insured for the driver.

C. Make sure spotters/walkers are being used to assist the driver.